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The Pack, my version

Title: The Pack, my version
Pairings: Xander/Buffy
Appropriate Ratings: NC17
Warnings: Non-con, het, not sure what else to put here.
Disclaimers: Not my characters. I make no money off this, I'm just playing. I promise to give them a bath and thorough cleaning when I’m done! Joss Whedon is my lord and Master. All hail Joss Whedon.
Short Summary: The Pack, the way I wish the rape scene had gone.
Word Count: 1821 (As per Word 2007 Word Count)
Beta: purpledodah and laazikaat
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Bring On The Night(best dark)Round Two

*Lines taken from The Pack*

That’s it! Buffy thought to herself. She’d had ENOUGH of his silly behavior. She easily threw him off her, quickly getting to her feet. She locked her eyes on him as he gracefully got to his, and leisurely stalked back towards her. She couldn’t help but back away, unsure.
“Look, Xander, I don't want to hurt you...” She seemed to be trying to placate him, to get him to back down from his obvious folly. He didn’t seem to take the hint, grabbing her by the shoulders instead and slamming her hard enough to hurt against the vending machines. She looked up, surprised, into his excited face.

“Now do you want to hurt me?” he seemed to smile down at her, every inch of his body excited, eager for this showdown. He wasn’t about to back away that easily. He’d picked what he wanted, and he was going to have it. He held her firmly against the vending machine, feeling her struggle, watching her eyes grow large in disbelief. He was a lot stronger than he’d let on, but there was no point in hiding that now. There was nothing she could do.

“Come on, Slayer. I like it when you're scared,” he taunted, feeling a delicious thrill at having her at his mercy. The fantastic Slayer, unable to throw him off, unable to get away. He pressed against her as she struggled wildly against him, he could feel the whimpers she wouldn’t let out in her chest, the scent of her fear tanging the air. He was surprised how easy it was to scare the Slayer. Just hold her down, let her feel his rigid shaft press against her belly, let her know what was going to happen regardless of what she wanted, and it just rolled off her in delicious waves.

“The more I scare you,” he murmured, leaning down to breathe in her scent close to her skin, “the better you smell.” He darted forward without warning, to place a harsh kiss on her neck….


*Rest is all mine*

“Xander, let GO!” She pushed against him with all her strength and was alarmed when it had no effect. Finally she felt his grip loosen, and she slipped away, thankful to be away from the fetid stench of raw pig clinging to his breath. She let out a startled yelp when she realized he’d let her go when she felt his foot slide between hers, sending her sprawling on her hands and knees to the floor.

“Knew you wanted this,” Xander licked his lips and let out an alien laugh, more hyena than human. He watched with hungry eyes as she scrambled to her feet, drinking in every curve and wiggle.

“I don’t want this, and I don’t want to hurt you, but that doesn’t mean I won’t!” She lashed out with a quick snapping kick aimed at his head but he just grabbed her foot in mid-air and used her momentum to force her onto her back, legs spread wide apart as she lay dazed on the floor.

He pounced between them, grinding his erection against her, whining and licking her earlobe into his mouth. He suckled at it gently, feeling her still in a moment of surprised pleasure before he bit down harshly, drawing blood.

She let out a yell and used all her strength to push him far enough off her to wriggle free, aiming a kick at his groin along the way. He dodged it with a twist of his hips, making her shin connect with his inner thigh instead of his throbbing groin and watched her move away with a hungry smile.

“God Buffy… you smell perfect… getting ripe just for me,” he licked his lips and got to his feet, prowling closer and closer with a dark hunger in his eyes.

Buffy stood her ground at his steady advancement but she didn’t look confident. He could see each muscle twitch as she fought against her emotions which were telling her to stand down, he was a friend, she could talk him out of it… her instincts were quite clear that that scenario wasn’t what was going to unfold. Fear and uncertainty tainted the air around her, but she hadn’t reached terror yet. This wouldn’t be fun until she was terrorized, she wouldn’t even taste right… not yet. He had some work to do yet before he could play.

Her instincts were screaming at her to pick up that desk just to her left and slam it down on his head until either his skull or the furniture fell to pieces. Possibly to follow up that desk with the teacher’s desk over there, after that the door seemed like the best bet, to run to the library where the tranquilizer gun was. But this was Xander! She couldn’t hit her Xander shaped friend with a desk! And he really wouldn’t do what… Oh my god what is he-

He attacked gracefully, taking Buffy completely by surprise and after a flurry of kicks, blocks and punches Buffy was on her back once more and Xander pounced onto her prone body before she had a chance to react. He landed on her with a happy whine, nuzzling and sniffing at her neck. He rubbed his body against hers and when she started to struggle he groaned low in her ear. “Yesssss, just like that Buffy,” he moaned and whimpered again when she tried the same trick as before, but this time he held her down firmly, showing his true strength to her disbelief.

Buffy bucked again, frantically struggling against his weight and grasp. He’d pinned her hands on the ground above her head with a single grip and she couldn’t get free! Panic clawed at her, driving every other thought but freedom from her mind, she had to get out, get free, get loose! She didn’t even notice the small anguished moans she was making the more she struggled while Xander effortlessly held her down. He reached between them to massage her clit through her jeans, rubbing the stitching in a circular motion.

“Can smell you wanting me, can you smell me? Was that ever a part of the Slayer package?” He breathed deep along the curve of her neck, making her gasp and try to squirm away out of pure instinctual fear. Xander smiled and licked along the pulsing vein just beneath the skin, tracing it with his tongue and moaning when she squirmed beneath him again.

“Doesn’t matter.” In one move he ripped her jeans clean off, followed quickly by her skimpy panties, “You can tell how much I want you, can’t you?” He ripped her lace patterned t-shirt to shreds before throwing it away followed quickly by her destroyed bra. Xander ground his fully clothed body against hers, making soft animalistic noises of pleasure while she bucked and writhed beneath him, the soft tang of her tears added its own pleasure to everything.

“Xander, please, stop. You don’t want to do this, you’re going to hate yourself after, you can’t do this, please Xander.” She pleaded with him, sobbing as he assaulted her body with his free hand and she could do nothing to stop him.

“Hate myself for taking what I’ve always wanted? I doubt it Buffy…” He leaned down to sniff her deeply at the neck, breathing in her terror laced scent. “And you smell… so… good right now.” He stoked her hair, watching the tears spill from Buffy’s eyes. “Don’t worry Buffster… I doubt I’ll kill you.”

She started screaming then, sobbing, begging him to stop, pleading with him and struggling madly. He laughed and kept her pinned, reaching his face down to give her a kiss. She bit his lip until he bled then let go.

She was fully expecting some kind of retaliation from Xander, but all she got was a chuckle and a moan, “Like it rough then? We can do rough…” and punched her hard on the side of the face until Buffy was seeing stars. She groaned in pain, disoriented, her vision blurry and dark. She tried to raise a weak hand up to her aching head, but Xander kept her pinned.

“Please Xander, please don’t do this!” She pleaded blearily as she felt Xander fumble with his fly between her bent and splayed legs. She felt so confused, tears forming in her eyes as she realized this was happening and she couldn’t seem to stop it. She growled and kicked up with her legs, aiming her booted feet towards the back of Xander’s head. She used all her strength, trying to be as sudden as possible, but Xander had already read the signs and was crouched too closely over Buffy’s body for them to impact.

He licked and gripped Buffy’s throat in his teeth, biting down on the skin till he pinched some between his teeth, biting steadily harder, until she was crying out in pain. His dull teeth pinching an expanse of skin, tasting blood well forth. She struggled madly, crying, while Xander licked the wound clean and admired his mark, so what if it wasn’t like the Masters? His was different, his was special, his was one Buffy would always see. The jagged edges were sure to scar horridly. He smiled down at his work and nipped at Buffy’s ear. Buffy kept crying and sobbing beneath him.

Xander took off his pants one handed, and very carefully, making sure to keep Buffy pinned the whole time. She whimpered loudly when she felt Xander press against her virgin hole, she screamed again, sobbing loudly, struggling to get away, he just lapped up her tears and slowly forced his way inside her tight unbreached hole.

“XANDER!! Please!! I’ve never done this! You haven’t either, you don’t want our first time to be like this! PLEASE Xander, Xander please!!” She started crying again, big heavy tears which soaked her hair at the temples. Xander ignored her and bit at her earlobe, distracting her as he breached her maiden head.

Buffy was crying loudly now, sobbing, barely even fighting. She looked up at Xander with hate filled eyed, “I’ll never forgive you for this Xander!”

Xander just smiled, and started fucking her hard and deep, filling her and almost tearing her in half with his cock. He grunted against her with each stroke, licking and nibbling her neck, biting her lower lip. He could swear he could hear her moan beneath him, “Knew you’d like it, now you’re mine, gonna take you to the pack Buffy, going to make you one of us” He shuddered as he fucked her harder and harder.

Finally after what felt like hours, he emptied himself into Buffy with a snarl, hearing her sob beneath him. He whined and nuzzled her throat, “You’ll make a terrific bitch for our young.” He murmured against her ear.
Tags: dark, fanfic, nc17, non-con, rape, violent, xander/buffy

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