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Puppy Love Prompt Chart. I deleted this post by accident, here's the repost.

hawk_soaring gave me a nifty keen prompt table to help me through my rough patches. Here it is! I'll be posting the parts and linking back to this chart. (As soon as I figure out the html anyways). This fic won an award!
Puppy Love Prompt Chart
1. Cuffs 2. Collar 3. Marking 4A. Ownership 4B. Ownership 5. Shaving
6. Bath Tub 7. Plug 8. Heart Beat 9. Savor 10. Cereal
11. Whip 12. Purple 13. Walk 14. Puppy 15A. Moon 15B. Moon
16. Leather 17A. Pet 17B. Pet 18. Deprivation 19. Thunder 20. Cookies & Milk
21. Black 22. Spicy 23. Finger Food 24. Santa 25. Eggs
26. Hung 27. Silk 28. Ropes 29. Bondage 30. Cinnamon
31. Chains 32. Darkness 33. Hallowe'en 34. Snow 35. Club
36. Blood 37. Stage 38. Robin Hood 39. Seventeen 40. Twins
41. Candy Cane 42. Senses 43. Red 44. Quarter 45. Toy Store
46. Twelve 47. Blue 48. Romance 49. Play Time 50. Magic - Epilogue

Puppy Love Extra Chapters Prompt Chart

51.Cold 52. Snoring 53. White 54. Damaged 55. Open

Kindly, hawk_soaring has given me five new prompts. They will be little vignettes after chapter 50, I'm not aiming to make them anything but a continuation of that story in short little spurts, letting you imagine the rest. I hope to have these done, I've been trying to write TD and I can't get anything out, hopefully this will help

Next part's prompt chart is here Puppy Love: Ensnared Chart received on 2017-01-01, and that's when I started imagining the new parts of the 'verse. So give me patience, but check there for updates like you used to check here.

Tags: nc17, prompt chart: puppy love, puppy love, spander

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