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Spike's Boy 1/1

Pairings: Spike/Xander
Appropriate Ratings: NC17
Warnings: M/m, blood, kinda non-con at first, little swearing, claiming, fun! If you see something I should have warned for, please let me know!
Disclaimers: Not my characters. I make no money off this, I'm just playing. I promise to give them a bath and thorough cleaning when I’m done! Joss Whedon is my lord and Master. All hail Joss Whedon.
Short Summary: Big Bad hears something in his neck of the woods and goes to investigate...
Word Count: 2596 (as per Word Count)
Beta: rebcake, but I edit afterwards, so really, all mistakes are mine.
Concrit: always welcome in comments, e-mail or MSN, whichever.
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He was walking through the cemetery, a paper grocery bag clutched in one arm, headed for his crypt when he heard the familiar sniffle of a human crying. He stopped for a moment then shook his head — none of his damned business — and walked on. Then he heard the sobs. He looked to the stars in the heavens and whispered “Why me?” He followed the sounds to a dank crypt that had light coming from behind the doors and the barred stained glass windows.

He walked up to the doors and debated knocking, then snorted. He was the big bad. Big bads didn’t knock, they stormed in, unannounced, and damned the consequences. He did however sniff around to make sure it was a human and not some sniveling demon or vampire, but it was human all the way. No…. there was a hint of demon in there, but it was mostly human. He shrugged and stormed in.

“So who’s got the sniffles?” He announced as he entered, loud, boisterous, obnoxious and annoying. What he saw made him stop dead. There was the Zeppo, black and blue all over his back, covered with marks he knew well came from the buckle of a belt. It had drawn blood and needed stitches badly.

Xander was trying, vainly, to clean himself up. He had a sleeping bag, some supplies, a camp stove, some personal stuff — he’d obviously run away. Spike smiled to himself. Here was one of the bitch’s companions left unprotected practically gift-wrapped, and he wasn’t one to say no. Xander shrieked when he saw him and held up a cross.

“Back! Back demon!” Spike hit his arm hard, sending the cross flying.

“Ah ah ah, no more bravery, you’re weak as a kitten and need medical treatment, besides. So let’s get your cuts healed…” Xander whimpered and looked like a mouse caught in a live trap, unable to move, unable to scream, just caught.

Spike reached into his boot, pulled out a double edged dagger and cut his forearm. “Drink,” he said and pressed it to Xander’s lips. The blood smeared across his lips as Xander refused to open his mouth. “Stupid git. Gotta drain you, then feed you to change you. This will just heal you and, well, mark you as mine so no one else will touch you. Shhh, now drink before the wound closes or I’ll have to cut myself again and that will make me very unhappy.”

Xander turned his head to the side and spoke, “I don’t want anything from you, bleach ball. I’ve had worse and survived. Leave me alone or I’ll get my stakes out!” he warned, but his voice wavered in his weariness. His hand trembled as he tried to scrabble for his bag.

Spike grabbed his hand and squeezed his wrist hard enough to hear the bones rub against each other. Xander cried out, sobbing. “Stop! Please stop! I won’t do it, please! I’ll drink your blood, I promise, even if it makes me a demon!”

“Hate to burst your bubble Zeppo boy, but you’re as human as I am. You ever wonder why you attract so many demons? You’re part Incubus, and a lovely one at that. Now… I want a pet. I’ve decided that pet is gonna be you. You’ve got no choice in the matter…other than immediate death. Which do you choose?” He gripped Xander’s wrist tightly again, not letting him get away.

Xander looked at him. At his wrist. He felt the pain in his back, in his ass, on his legs. He didn’t have a home anymore. His father had said if he came back, which he was welcome to do, he’d be expected to pay rent. But, as a sixteen year old, the only job he could get would be working for his father as a street hustler. He whimpered and thought more on it, trying to come up with a reason not to be a demon’s bitch. With the protection, it might be better than his home life. He’d be healed swiftly, anyway. It’s not like anyone but Willow and Buffy would miss him…

And he had a strong suspicion that saying no would end up with him dead, so… “Okay,” he whispered hoarsely.

Spike sliced his wrist again and put it to Xander’s mouth. Xander tentatively took a sip and moaned loudly, his cock immediately rock hard. This was better than any aphrodisiac he’d ever known! Better than any blue pill he’d been forced to take. He drank as long as Spike let him, and only stopped when the wrist was pulled away. He was left in a drugged haze, unable to move, moaning, grunting, rubbing his cock through his jeans, feeling his wounds quickly healing. He was amazed that he felt nothing from the wounds and took a deep breath — even the rib he was afraid was broken felt fine. He felt so stoned. “Thank you,” he mumbled.

“Oh no pet, this isn’t free. You’re mine now. Any demon gets a whiff of you, they’ll carry you back home to me. They’ll make sure you don’t run away. Now comes the fun part, the official claiming, so no vampire, demon or anything can take you away from me. Hell, you’ll want to come back to me. Trust me — I’m that good.” He smirked and pushed his tongue against his front teeth.

He put his groceries on a tomb and sat beside Xander. “Was it your dad?”


“This ain’t the first time, is it?”

“N-no, hardly,” he started to cry big tears. He’d never told anyone this. Then again, no one had ever asked.

“But no one else noticed, have they?” Spike asked, knowingly, looking at him.

“No.” He sobbed harder, shaking, dripping snot. Spike reached into his bag, got out a paper towel and gave him a sheet.

“Well, you’ll be mine in a few minutes, and if that shit head ever touches you again he has me to answer to, got it?”

“Really?” He sniffled, blowing his nose. “But why?”

“Because you’re mine, donut boy. If anyone’s going to hurt you it’s going to be me or someone I appoint, that’s it.” Xander shivered at those words, knowing he’d just traded one abuser for another.

“Now.” Spike smiled and sucked his teeth. “Strip”

“I-i-in front of you?” Xander blushed profusely and didn’t move, terrified.

“You’re mine, and I’m about to make it official, so strip. Ask another question, stall again, and I’ll just rip your kit off and you’ll have nothing to wear, got me? So, strip.”

Xander got up shakily and with trembling fingers he undid his pants. Spike sucked in a breath through his teeth. Xander’s father had branded him with an AH, Anthony Harris, right on his right ass cheek. “Don’t worry boy, I know a good spell to get brands off humans. ‘Course last time I tried it the human’s head exploded, but we’ll be more careful, now won’t we? Socks too, there we go, completely in the raw. Pivot, turn, I want to see all of you nice and naked. Show yourself off.”

Xander turned, blushing, his hands over his crotch, till Spike slapped them away. “Hands at your sides, worm, that’s better. Keep turning slowly. I’ll tell you when to stop.” So Xander turned on one foot, blushing so hard it went down past his face all the way down to his chest, Spike thought it was so cute he laughed, which made Xander jump. Spike rummaged in his grocery bag and pulled out a bottle of KY. “You ever take it up the arse before?”

Xander went a darker shade of red and he nodded.

“It wasn’t voluntary, I take it?” he asked, shrewdly.

Xander nodded again, his hair covering his eyes but not his tears.

“Then it wasn’t fun either, was it?” Spike got up and retrieved a large box from inside one of the tombs. This was his emergency back-up tomb after all, paid to have things stashed in corners. He found his candles and lit them in a circle around them.

“No,” Xander whispered. “I wish he would have killed me instead.”

“Well, you’ll like this pet, promise.” He opened the box, took out a couple of nice, thick blankets and spread them on the floor. “Get on then! Hands and knees, you know the position.”

Xander obeyed, but his tears became outright sobbing. Spike gave him another paper towel, then handed over a few more.

“Now, spread your legs like a good boy.”

Xander complied, his head hanging. He’d given up. He was no match for a master vampire who’d killed two slayers! He was just human, but he’d survived rape before. He could always run away, just find his moment and run…. or kill himself. That’s what he’d intended to do tonight anyway, so why not go ahead after this rape?

He felt something cold and slimy in his ass crack and gasped. He’d never had lube before! It unsettled him that his arch nemesis was taking more care of him than his own father and uncle.

Spike smiled as the boy jumped, then eased a single finger in, all lubed up, fucking him gently. The boy shivered, obviously liking it. He was soon loose enough for two fingers, so he inserted the second finger, smiling. “There’s a good bitch,” He stroked Xander’s unblemished back and arse, fucking him gently, then eased a third finger in, hearing Xander hiss. “You’ll stretch. Just relax, breathe, that’s it, in, out, there’s a sweet bitch.”

Xander whimpered and nodded. He couldn’t admit it but this was actually feeling good — his cock was even getting hard! And then Spike’s magic fingers found some spot inside him that had him seeing stars.

“Whoa, what was that,” he panted.

Spike laughed. “That’s what makes anal sex worthwhile. It’s your ‘A’ spot or your prostate. Doesn’t it feel nice when I stroke it and play with it?” Spike demonstrated again, making Xander squirm and whimper, panting like a dog under a too hot sun without any shade or water. Xander decided it definitely felt nice.

While Xander was distracted, Spike used the time to shed his jacket and shirt and after lowering his pants, he lubed up his cock and kneeled up. He pulled his fingers out and Xander whimpered in regret and in teenaged boy need. Spike lined a well lubed cock up to Xander’s gaping arsehole and eased in. Xander moaned and pushed back, panting. Spikes vampiric hearing caught him saying “Yessssssssssssss” so very softly, but it was enough to spur him on. He slowly started to fuck Xander.

Xander moaned softly, the candlelight making this almost romantic. Spike was gentle, caring, obviously wanting their first time… Wait. Their first time? There were going to be other times? He’d worry about that later. Anyway, obviously Spike wanted their first time to be a good one. He moaned and rocked against Spike. Spike chortled and fucked him back.

They both moaned. Xander’s skin shone with sweat, which Spike licked up with relish, which made Xander squirm and cry out in his arousal. Spike moved them so Spike was sitting up and Xander was bouncing in his lap, crying out, panting, moaning. Spikes fingers dug almost painfully into Xander’s hips, lifting and lowering him faster and faster. Xander groaned. Spike worked his hand up and down Xander’s rock hard shaft, feeling it drool, using it as lube. “Don’t you dare cum,” Spike warned.

Spike fucked him harder and faster, holding his hips and bruising him, but the vampire blood in his system healed him instantly. Xander cried out with each thrust. Spike snarled, grabbing Xander’s head and forcing it to the side. He bit it hard, drinking.

Xander screamed at the bite and came suddenly, his penis squirting all over the blanket in spurts and streams. It just kept coming and coming, until he was wrung dry. Spike kept fucking him, lifting and lowering him with his strong vampire grip, impaling him hard. Xander felt like Spike was trying to split him in two and was about to succeed, when he grunted and came inside his ass.

Once they were done with the mating, Spike uncoupled them and got them under the top blanket and stroked his bite mark. “That mark will never go away completely. Every demon will be able to see it. It’s like a signature — a quick sniff check and they’ll bring you back to me, so even if you hide the mark, your scent’s a dead giveaway. I take it you left your parents’ place?” He asked suddenly.

“Y-yeah…. I couldn’t take it anymore,” he whispered, head on Spike’s shoulder.

“Good, you’ll stay with me. You’re my property now. My job to look after you, look out for you. I’ll get us a place we can call our own, a good place, and you’ll live there. Won’t take you outta school, you’ll need that for a job later, and school’s always good to have under your belt. Never know what the future holds, after all.”

Xander asks softly, “What about my friends? What about Willow? I tell her everything.”

“You can stay friends with the birds, but no more slaying my friends, and I want a heads up if the Slayer’s after me or my friends. The rest I don’t give a rat’s arse about, but me and mine, I want safe. Oh, and this goes without saying, no tattling to anyone about us. You can tell them you moved out, got an inheritance from your favorite uncle or something, but nothing about us. Not even to Willow, got it?”

Xander nodded. “No telling anyone anything about us. Got it”

“I’m just telling you so I don’t have to kill them when they find out. Understand?”

“Yes, Spike”

“No, not Spike… it’s Master now. Get used to it. For every slip, that’s twenty lashes with a very mean whip, got me?”

Xander swallowed thickly and nodded. “Yes, Master.”

“Good bitch.”

Xander looks around. “If I’m actually moving, can I get the rest of my stuff?”

“Sure thing, we’ll pick it up after I get the apartment squared away. For now, you’ll stay in my crypt, it’s no Ritz, but it’s got a real bed and running hot and cold water.”

“Yes, Master…. And… thank you, Master, for… listening and… saving me, thank you.”

“That’s what Master’s are for, pet — making their pets lives better. Ever since Angelus offered you to me, you’ve been mine. Just waited this long to collect my property. So if you want to blame anyone for your… situation, blame the poofter. You’re mine now, donut boy, and we’re going to make beautiful music together.”

“Yes Master.”

“There’s my good boy,” he kissed Xander’s hair. “Always did like the dark haired ones. We gotta let this hair grow out more — need enough to grab on with both hands.” He smirked, Xander blushed. “I’m going to teach you such naughty things about yourself. Things you never even dreamed of before. It’s going to be one hell of a ride my boy. One hell of a ride.” He laughed uproariously.

“Now,” Spike murmured. “About my having to cut myself again…” He smiled wickedly and grabbed Xander’s wrist. “I did say I would be very unhappy if I had to cut myself again… I think you’re deservin’ your first punishment,” he purred, the candles guttering for a moment, as if in fear.

“Oh yes… prepare yourself my incubus,” and he laughed so loudly it echoed in the crypt.
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  • Store Clerk's Night Part II

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