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Truth Denied Epilogue

Title: Truth Denied Epilogue
Pairings: Spander
Appropriate Ratings: NC17 overall but this chapter... NC-17 (wrapping it up!)
Disclaimers: Not my characters. I make no money off this, I'm just playing. I promise to give them a bath and thorough cleaning when I'm done! Joss Whedon is my lord and Master. All hail Joss Whedon.
Short Summary: About five years post NFA, Xander needs a job, like, NOW! And runs into someone he knows where he'd least expect it.
Word Count: 1529 (As per Microsoft Office 2013 Word Count)
Beta: realtsunamigirl but I edit afterwards, so all errors are mine and mine alone.
X-posted to: perverted_pages, bloodclaim, sxandviolence, spanderslash, darker_vault, sickchicks, btvsatsdotcom, darker_spike, spike_fics, spike_xander, xander_slash, i_need_a_parrot, nekid_spike
Archived Outside LJ At: adult-fanfiction.org and The Spander Files

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A.N. Art by tamakin

Xander bit down on a sweet potato French fry and laughed at something Edgar said. Ed completed Ben as no one else had before, and this wasn’t their first double date. Xander bit into his chicken burger as Spike stole a fry, and went on about another dance routine they’d done well with, with Ben, who avidly listened. Even though he’d left the scene and the state, he still hungered for news at every opportunity, and they indulged him.

“So, how’s the chamber been holding up? Still lit up and warm? I can’t believe you two managed that! I have never seen that before!” Ben astounded, as he ate some scrambled eggs.

Spike smiled while eating his BLT and sat back. “Brighter than ever, and we have Masque’s there. People show up with a password, wearing a mask and cape, they get in, shed everything but the mask and a condom and have fun. We’ve even introduced girls. They have a blast, know how to deal with discretion and know how to be at a party. And the chamber’s just…. You have to see it for yourself, come with us after brunch, bet you didn’t know you had a heated bath house if you fucked enough.” Spike laughed.

“When’s your next event?” Ben asked, looking at his eggs, hoping.

“Tonight,” Xander said.

Ben squealed in delight and squeezed Ed’s hand. Then he paused, and looked up with puppy dog eyes, he opened his mouth to ask.

“Yes you’re invited!” Laughed Spike.

“Just remember a mask and cape or cloak or something,” said Xander. “Don’t worry, we supply condoms, but if you’re of an unusual size, we recommend you bring your own, as we won’t have anything.” Xander wolfed down the rest of his cheeseburger, licking his fingers.

“You sound like you’re reading off a pamphlet,” Laughed Ed.

“Kinda am, it’s what’s on our business card.” He smiled and ate another fry.


Temporary walls were up in the safe room, making it look like you entered the code at a door, walked down a hall, turned** and were down a fire lit hallway, decorated with authentic Priape era wall hangings, carvings, vases, art of all kinds, until they came to the main prayer room. It was decorated with wall hangings of its own and had comfortable pillows and furniture of all sorts and a bed. Through a hidden door, was the baths. A fire lit bathing chamber that could easily hold a few hundred people, water constantly running and refreshing itself, some copper element in it keeping it sterile. They could come here to debauch, if the main room wasn’t entertaining enough.

The night started and the room filled, the main room’s entrance to the hall filling with discarded clothing and shoes as people found partners or groups on various pieces of furniture. Xander and Spike led Ben and Ed into the chamber, and they were awed. They looked around at the rich appointments and looked at Xander and Spike with near reverence.

“Aw tush, some people like to give donations, and we ain’t keeping that money, so we spend it on this place. Makes for some really nice furniture and stuff, don’t it?” Spike said proudly.

Ben and Edgar nodded. “Oh yes Spike, you’ve done wonderfully with the place. I’m so happy I told you what it was, that I didn’t let it die out like Steve had said…. This place really has become you, you know, both of you.” He smiled, the cut of his mask barely showing it. The other men smiled in return. The guttural sounds of lovemaking was being heard throughout the room, flesh slapping flesh, squelching, quiffing, moaning, groaning, furniture banging rhythmically, Xander and Spike took over the central position, on the big king sized bed and held out their hands for Ben and Ed to join them.

They hesitated a moment before joining in, they hopped on the bed and start to kiss each other, as Xander and Spike start to kiss each other as well. Xander licked and toyed with Spike’s nipple rings, while his other hand found its mate and toyed with it in turn. He moved from one to the other, toying with them, making Spike hiss and gasp, throw his head back and moan. Xander smiled, he’d learned over the years how to play this well-tuned instrument.

Xander reached over for the bottle of slick they kept between the mattress and the box of the bed and found it. He smeared it over his cock and pushing Spike down onto his back, he tossed the bottle to the other pair, who grunted a quick ‘thanks’ in reply.

Xander pushed Spike’s legs up, over his shoulders, then aimed his cock right at Spike’s ass hole and slowly eased himself in. Spike said he liked the burn of no prep, as long as he was slow at first, so he went iceberg slow. He slowly slowly inched in, making Spike cry out in burning lust. Xander became breathless and panted; finally he was fully seated, and they were masked face to masked face. Xander darted in and kissed him, their lips bared by the cut of the masks, and the room breathed.

Xander slowly moved himself in and out of Spike’s tight, hot channel, moving with fluid grace of one well practiced. Spike clung to him and ripped at his skin in need and want, until they both held still and came in one gush, one inside, and one outside.

They wiped up and then got up, walking around, making sure everyone was following the rules. They were, which was good; they’d only had to throw out one person so far, and he hadn’t come back, his tattoo was a dead giveaway. Everyone else wore condoms, threw them in trash receptacles around the rooms, everyone else knew the safe, sane, and consensual rules about this place and kept by them.

They wandered around and kept an eye on the goings on, until the party finally broke up at around five in the morning. Xander and Spike made sure everyone was taken care of and alright to go home either alone or accompanied. With the room empty, they took off their masks and laid back on the bed, laughing.

“So Ben, Ed, what did you think of our Masque?” Spike asked, then batted his eyelashes at them, then giggled.

The two men lay exhausted on the bed. “Fucking fabulous, eh? Fucking fabulous.” Ben said, with a chortle, Ed chuckled with agreement and stroked his stomach.

“So you two have really settled into this priests of Priape thing pretty well, haven’t you?” Ben asked, smiling.

“You have no idea,” Spike returned. “We have our club going, keeping Priape happy. We have our burned offerings of money from the other club, which is still hot hot hot by the way. Dancers are all happy, so are bartenders. The story about the deaths is just gossip now… no one’s sure they believe anything, but Ethan confessed to everything, so the police have it all wrapped up. They’re keeping his ranting about it being done for some evil coven under wraps, no one believes him, and if they try to go to that place in the mall, nothing’s there. Those demons have a fabulous glamour in place, they can’t be found, need those amber lenses or it’s impossible to get in their stronghold. We still spear fruit for Ouranus, but usually fruit we’re about to eat anyways, so it’s two birds, one stone kind of deal… all in all… we’re happy, gods are all happy, nothing evil is underfoot, and Ethan Rayne is locked up for good in a penitentiary.” Spike smiled. Xander held his hand and rested his head on Spike’s shoulder.

“So no more dramallama for you guys?” Ben asked another question,

“Nope, no dramallama, we’re good. Happy, in love, good. We’re dealing with living on a hellmouth on our own, in our own way, and I think we’re doing okay. That warning I gave about Priape being off limits seems to have stuck, so we’re good. All good.” He smiled and touched his short spiky hair.

“I’m so happy for you Spike, Xander, you both deserved some happiness, you really did.” Ben smiled.

Spike laughed. “So when are you going to come and take over again? It’s been a few years, most of the boys don’t know about you anymore.”

Ben smiled. “Oh, a while yet. Need at least twenty years between coming and going, or I’ll never age right.” He chuckled.

“And we’ll be back after that, gotta keep the temple going, and you gotta learn about the club, gotta keep the club going.” Spike laughed.

“Oh boy, learning something new every day, aren’t we? At least this’ll be fun.” Ben grinned.

Xander laughed. “Honey, it’s all fun.”

Spike rolled his head to the side to look at Xander, just as Xander had turned his head to look at Spike. They locked eyes, and for once, all walls melted away, nothing was left but who they were, and they were okay with that, for once, there was no more truth denied.

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Tags: angst, post nfa, spander, stripping, truth denied

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