Wicked Writing Wench (perverted_pages) wrote,
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Prompt Chart, Puppy Love 2 - Ensnared

So this is the prompt chart, please be aware, that I flip and fiddle with the prompt chart constantly, until I've actually written the corresponding chapter, so don't take this prompt chart to be finalized until there is a link to a chapter for each prompt.

Rest of 'verse is here, including beginning and absolute end Puppy Love

1. Bacon Grease 2. Steel 3. Cocktail 4. Five Cent 5. Ribbon
6. Spruce 7. Spaniel 8. The Queen 9. Hood 10.
11. Boots 12. Snowman 13. Sand 14. Paint 15.
16. Collar 17. Sleep Mask 18. Airplane 19. Security 20.
21. Cruise 22. Puppy 23. Brown 24. Pink 25.
26. Buns 27. Turkey 28. Police 29. Drunk 30. Card

Hope you all have fun dreaming and coming up with fun stuff, and then reading and calming down that my fun stuff isn't your fun stuff *Laughs* My muse, she is crazy. So here's hoping I can do this again!

Puppy Love - Ensnared, my newest WIP!
Tags: nc-17, prompt chart, puppy love, puppy love 2 - ensnared, spander

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