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Strangers Meet

Title: Strangers Meet
Pairings: None, it's totally G
Appropriate Ratings: G
Disclaimers: None, this is my story, my characters, my imagination, all mine. If you see any of this anywhere, let me know because I will be extremely pissed off, this is MINE.
Short Summary: A short story of someone who discovers a new people. It's just a snippit, something I was thinking of and had to get down, it's kinda cute really.
Word Count: 898 (As per Microsoft Office 2013 Word Count)

Comments keep my muse well fed!!

I walked through the endless forest, lost. I had gone hiking along the trail but had lost my way along the trail so long ago that thirst plagued me and I longed for a drink, even from a running stream at this point. I heard something in the distance and hastened my step towards it. As I neared my nose tickled with a yearned for fresh scent and I let my hope swell, it was water, and it was close. I held my back pack tight against me and watched my step, falling now would be disastrous.

As I got closer I started noticing faint trails in the woods that appeared and disappeared seemingly into trees themselves. I tried walking one when it seemed to head the way I was going, but it soon went up a tree and I was stuck walking through the underbrush again, heading towards that sweet sound and smell that alone seemed to sooth my parched throat, even though it screamed for a drink of water.

I started to see trees that had their trunks decimated by what appeared to be claws, and I shivered and stopped, and fingered a silky soft tuft of fur I found stuck to a piece of bark. I looked around in panic, this was apparently the watering hole of some furred ferocious beast, and if I kept going I was probably going to run into one of them, but I was so thirsty.

I creeped stealthily through the woods towards the sounds of rushing water, my thirst racing through my at a fevered pitch, almost erasing all reason as the sounds of being sated were so close! I swallowed against my sticking throat desperately, and moved a branch, then stopped, shocked by what I saw before me.

There was a colony of lynx/human mini people that came up to my knee and they were all sitting around a stone in the middle of the village square. The stone was on a pedestal and it was on the shore of the river. One of the people held a mallet and struck the stone and the rest of the people all chanted and swivelled their large, pointed, feline ears as if listening to some unheard chime.

I was so thirsty, but how could I interrupt this ceremony, whatever it was?

He smells a new scent in the air, a meat eater, in distress. He flexed his whiskers and felt the air, then confidently jumped to the next branch, each shift of pressure and gust of wind telling him exactly where everything was, even while his empty eyes could tell him nothing of the world.

The next tree was too far for a jump, but the scent went towards home, towards the unity of the village prayer. If he didn’t stop the intruder, who knew what they’d do if they found his home? Meat eaters do not do well when meeting other meat eaters, even if one was so much smaller than the other. He had to get home and warn the village! He picked the shortest route he knew to get home, running along the forest floor when he had to, and up in the trees when it was fastest, jumping from branch to branch, feeling free in the air as it rushes through his fur, brushing against his skin, exhilarating him.

He lands on the forest floor, and in front of him, just past the brush is the strange human. He stops, and takes a deep breath to take in all their scent, whiskers flared out and oscillating with his concentration on every single vibration.

The stranger was tall, with weird patchy fur, and female. She was holding still and watching the ceremony.

His ears swivelled at the beautiful sound of the sacred stone. He wanted to chant, but knew it would give away his spot.

He wouldn’t be able to warn the village after all, and this stranger was big, she could do serious damage to his home if she wanted. He worried while she watched one of his most sacred ceremonies.

He felt the air and listened to her presence and made sure she didn’t approach his people, and listened to the sounds of the unification ceremony, there was a new baby to officially bring into the village, to give them the protection, love, resources, support, and everything the tribe possessed. It was a beautiful moment, and he was sad to have missed it, but he was on guard duty. Why wasn’t he calling out the alarm? There was a huge stranger here, blundering in on one of their most sacred traditions.

He breathed in again, slapping his tongue against his open mouth’s palate to taste her scent better, and got a better understanding of what his subconscious was trying to tell him, the scent coming through more clearly on the evening breeze. She was adopted by three felines of female gender who seemed to be of geriatric age and of good health, everything about her swam in those three felines scent, it was as if those felines had marked her constantly as family. It was a good omen.

Eventually, when the ceremony was over and the people began to disperse, she took off along the tree line, keeping to the cover as she kept to the water line and disappeared. He exhaled a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding and climbed back up into the trees, taking up sentry once more.

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