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Store Clerk's Night Part II

Title: - Store Clerk's Night Part II
Pairing - Original Characters
Rating - NC-17
Summary - Another rape fantasy, gang bang, recording
Warnings - Rape, abuse
Word Count: 1497 (As per MS Wordcount)
Cross Posted: Adult-FanFiction.org
Disclaimer: This work is entirely fictional, any resemblance to anyone in whole or in part in anyway is entirely coincidental and not intentional on behalf of the author in any way.

She was walking home from the bus stop when she felt a familiar kiss of steel against her throat, and a fist gripping her hair in the shadows between street lights and under an old growth tree. His voice hissed in her ear, “You know where I want you.” And all fight went out of her. She remembered the deal, she remembered the photo’s, the video. She obediently followed where he led, without a sound.

Turned out they were headed a few streets over, always in shadow, the knife now in her gut, the hand still in her hair. They entered an alley and walked into the dingey, dankness and her knees wobbled. She was terrified of where they were going, of what was going to happen, she had no clue what he was going to do to her this time.

Her breath came in short, timid gasps, her head was filled with racing thoughts and floated above her on a cloud while her stomach roiled in nervous energy. She tried her hardest to keep herself under control, but the tears fell freely, her nose full of snot and running as she coughed and cried. His hand was tight and unrelenting in her hair as he guided her from shadow to shadow into the alley, in pure darkness.

But wait….

That wasn’t darkness?

There was light, there, in some kind of outline? She blinked her teary eyes and tried to understand what she saw, before she was pushed rudely through some curtains and into a brightly lit “stage”, camera’s all around, some kind of contraption in the middle.

She looked at it, at her rapist and shook her head, scared. Then she realized there was a circle of naked men all around her and outside the camera’s view, wearing masks or hoods. All of them erect, all of them stroking themselves, and looking at her hungrily, licking their lips and nodding.

She whimpered and shook her head again, terrified now, her heart in her throat, wanting to scream. She opened her mouth to do just that, and someone snuck in and stuck a dental gag in her mouth open wide, and turned on some heavy metal music. The first song she recognized as something by Rammstein, but she really didn’t care, and just screamed, her voice drowned out.

“Oh yes my dear,” he cackled in her ear, as various men grabbed her and started tearing off her clothing, ripping them to shreds with scissors and knives. Her cute tank top and skirt combo that had gotten her so many free drinks at the bar was long history. “We are -ALL- going to rape you.”

She tried to run, not to fight, but to run, and he just laughed, they all did, and brought her to the contraption and tied her down.

She was above the ground, her ass out in the open, her back arched, and her head at an angle that her ass was exposed from the bottom, her pussy from the front and her mouth from the top. She screamed as the men descended on her

She sounded like she was gargling as the tattooed muscle bound Hispanic took control of her mouth first, holding her head, and hammering home, drawing out as far as he could, before hammering home again.

She couldn’t take it and threw up, and he laughed, turning her head to the side, slapping her face with his dick, while two others got into position underneath and in front of her, lining themselves up at her ass and pussy respectively. “Guess she can’t take a serious face fucking, eh?” He laughed again and held her hair and slowly started to face fuck her instead, taking his time and whistling through crooked teeth. “That’s okay, slow is good too, you got a sweet mouth mama.”

The one underneath her fingered around her asshole before sliding a finger in, making her squeal in discomfort. “Oh, going to be more than that sister.” He laughed, shaved head glistening in the lights and held her hips, swiftly sliding home into her ass and letting a hiss. “Yesssssssss, so hot, so tight.” She screamed and sobbed around the cock in her mouth, shaking in her bindings, wanting this to end, but she felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter, and hated herself for it.

She saw her rapist with a hand held camera circling around, getting close ups, she heard him laughing as he massaged her mons and labia. “You are one wet bitch, oh yeah, you want this, you want the next cock to fill you, just you wait, you’re going to cream this time, I’m sure.” He reached down and gave her one, wet, tongue wiggle then pulled away, hearing her sobbing, feeling her struggle.

“Oh baby, you promised me so much, you are being such a good girl, just relax you sweet thing, and all of this will keep happening, and I won’t have to kill you, won’t that be good?” He spat in her cunt then slapped it. “I’m going to video this time bitch, you are so lucky I found so many willing participants.”

He got up and moved to the side and the last person got in line, a big beautiful black man with an enormous black cock that he rubbed against her thigh, making her scream and struggle as she realized what he planned to do with it. He laughed a deep laugh and positioned himself on top of her and just forced himself inside, hearing her shriek through her full mouth, and this time they all laughed.

Slowly they built into a rhythm, a wet, squelching rhythm, and slowly her sobs and struggles turned to moans. How had he known about this fantasy? This specific fantasy? She hadn’t told anyone about it! She hadn’t written it down anywhere except… except…. Oh…. Oh… her world was building to an amazing climax, and she didn’t know how she was going to recover from it. The more the men pumped into her in their rhythm, the more she was pushed towards the edge, last time the man raped her, she’d regretted not going over the edge…. Should she? Would it matter if she did? Who would these men tell?

Her bound hands reached for them, her thighs ached to pull them deeper, harder, faster, she wanted to feel the ass of the man in her mouth, she wanted to dig her heels into the ass of the one on top, she wanted to bounce hard on top of the one in her ass, she wanted it all, and it was driving her insane! Her eyes rolled back in her head as the men all came inside her and one, powerful, org…….. no…. wait!!!! Don’t pull out!!!! Don’t stop!!!! She snarled in frustration, and this time the camera was …. Right….. in….. her…. Face….

She tried to pull a wide eyed innocent look, but the men all laughed and the rapist held her by the chin “Didn’t get to cum this time either, did you? What a little bitch in heat. Don’t worry, I’ll be back for another taste, I love our little videos.” He cut her free, and she fell onto the filthy ground, naked, used, covered in sweat and cum.

He kicked her in the side. “Now get home, before someone rapes you or something!” He laughed and high fived the other men, turning off and putting away the cameras and lights and things into a van.

She lay on the ground, shivering, in shock, stunned at what she’d nearly allowed her body to do, to be overcome by. Eventually the rainfall got her to her feet, she found her bag against the wall and she got blissfully unnoticed to her home, shaking. She dropped her bag and went to the bathroom and turned on the shower, hot.

One would think she wanted to scrub the day away, but not our girl, she reached into her night stand and found her waterproof vibrator and took it into the shower with her, and finished herself off. She fucked herself hard and fast, as unrelenting as those men had been, making her breath come in short, hot, gasps. She cried out with each thrust. Briefly she wondered if her rapist was watching her, even now, in her apartment, or through the window, and that just pushed her over the edge, she came, calling out the name she’d found out through payroll. “BRYAN!” and collapsed onto the floor of her shower, the hot water hitting her unrelentingly as she lay there in a lump, completely worn out. Her ass felt worn, her pussy felt worn, her mouth felt worn…… and she’d never felt more complete.

So to be a closet submissive was one thing, but to have a closet Dom was another….. especially one who didn’t practice SSC or RACK….. This man might indeed kill her one day….. and the thrill was exquisite.

Previous part found here
Tags: mmmf, non-con, original, recording

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