Wicked Writing Wench (perverted_pages) wrote,
Wicked Writing Wench

And here we begin

This is your last warning. This page contains fiction that is dark and objectionable, and not in the least for minors. Yes, there are fluffy funny fics, but they are not the majority.

This is your FINAL CHANCE to just go someplace safe and warm and away from the boogeyman

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Visit my Post Post Post (Complete Works Catalogue) for all my work

Everything is sorted in my memories and can be found here. Please note, not everything I have written have been fanfic, but everything has a disclaimer at the top.

Find tags that have been used here. If you think something needs tweaking or you know a better way to do this, please let me know.

Want to nominate me for something? Want to add me to your MSN? I can be reached at

perverted.pages at gmail dot com.

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