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Perverted Pages

Words of the Wicked Writing Wench

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Wicked Writing Wench
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Because LJ and their team apparently have a case of the stupid, Ahem....

THIS JOURNAL AND THE JOURNAL'S AUTHOR DO NOT CONDONE, PROMOTE, SOLICIT OR ENCOURAGE ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES. Any such acts depicted are of a FICTIONAL nature only and used purely as plot devices. Perpetrators of crimes should be punished, pedophiles and rapists should be punished a lot.

This is my journal for writing erotica. Specifically dark and kinky erotica, but it won't be limited to that.

There will be short stories, slash, fanfic, novella's, stories that I keep working on and never finishing, starts to stories that will never get completed, etc etc etc.

There will be dark fantasies, deaths, mutilations, torture, and anything else that suits my fancy. This bio is meant to be a WARNING for those of you who do not wish to read such things. This is very much an 18 and over reading material. You read my journal at your own risk. You will likely find something objectionable in here somewhere, and while I appreciate comments and constructive criticism, I WILL block harassing messages and users.

This journal is completely unlocked, and feel free to friend it. I have blocked off the list that shows who's friended me, and will friend no one in return. This is not meant as a slight, but rather to keep people's privacy as private as possible... and also, this is just a writing journal, I will not be keeping track of friend’s pages through here.

The memories feature and tags of this journal are being well used. All the stories are sorted, and tagged, so it's easier to search and find what you are looking for. If you can think of a better way to organize these stories, and keep them easily searchable, please don't hesitate to let me know what's what.

Visit My Post Post Post (IE:Complete Catalogue) for all my work.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Constructive criticisms, requests, comments, are always welcome.

My beta, by default and unless otherwise posted, is tamakin. My evil Irish twin!

Banner made by my lovely Beta tamakin She rocks my socks dude!

Banners earned/won:

For: Puppy Love


This is a deeply deep dark fic with some amazingly shocking imagery and scenarios. The scenes are lush with detail and Angelus is nothing short of spine tinglingly evil and cunning in this fic. It makes you understand why he was so feared.

For: Shattered Shards

Winning fic can be found here.

Fics can be found in memories or here.
Can I Rest Now?
Take A Peek
Faded Blossoms
Just This One Time
Bath Time Distractions
Like A Mirror I Look Into You


A Delicate Request

For: Subway Sorrows Part One

For: Longing

Runner up:
Rigor [over 10,000 words]
Shattered Shards

Runner Up:
Cookie Dough [WIP]
Truth Denied

Unsung Hero:
Doomed [Het]
The Pack, my version

I was nominated at No Rest For The Wicked Awards round two in the following categories:
Title: The Pack, my version
URL: http://perverted-pages.livejournal.com/37105.html
Categories: Bring On The Night(best dark)

Title: A Delicate Request.
URL: http://perverted-pages.livejournal.com/9823.html
Categories: That Old Gang Of Mine(best gen), Showtime(best original plot)

Title: Splindsey
URL: http://perverted-pages.livejournal.com/38056.html#cutid1
Categories: Guise Will Be Guise(best slash), Once More With Feeling(best nc-17/pwp/kinky)

Want to nominate me for something? I can be reached at perverted.pages at gmail dot com

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